The Wolfman

THE WOLFMAN by Nicholas Pekearo

Marlowe Higgins is a moral man . . . but every full moon he has to kill

Marlowe Higgins has had a hard life. Since being dishonorably discharged after a tour in Vietnam, he’s been in and out of prison, moving from town to town, going wherever the wind takes him. He can’t stay in one place too long–every full moon he kills someone.

Marlowe Higgins is a werewolf. For years he struggled with his affliction, until he found a way to use this unfortunate curse for good–he only kills really bad people.

Settling at last in the small town of Evelyn, Higgins works at a local restaurant and even has a friend, Daniel Pearce, one of Evelyn’s two police detectives.

One night everything changes. It turns out Marlowe Higgins isn’t the only monster lurking in the area. A fiendish serial killer, known as the Rose Killer, is brutally murdering young girls all around the county. Higgins targets the killer as his next victim, but on the night of the full moon, things go drastically wrong. . . .

NICHOLAS PEKEARO was a young, prolific writer who left the world too soon. While volunteering as an NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer, he was killed in the line of duty, in the very neighborhood he grew up in, New York City’s Greenwich Village. He worked in bookstores throughout New York City most of his life, including Crawford-Doyle.  The Wolfman is his first published novel.


“The too-short life of Nicholas Pekearo was both triumph and tragedy.  He died a hero’s death, sacrificing his own life to save others.  And now comes The Wolfman, a brilliant, insightful, overpowering debut from a writer who studied, listened, and learned before he took his shot…and centered the bulls-eye.  Published posthumously, this “debut” novel is a triumph.”
—Andrew Vachss

“Consider Lon Chaney Jr. meets The Incredible Hulk–as imagined by Charles Bukowski.  The Wolfman’s great fun.  My suggestion?  Don’t wait for the next full moon.  Pounce!”
—Jack Ketchum

The Wolfman takes a tried and true wooly-booger icon and turns it on its ear and gives it a fresh coat of fur and new sheen on its very sharp teeth. Nicholas Pekearo has the wolf chops and the writing chops to make this horror/thriller a must read.”
—Joe R. Lansdale